Happy Hundredth Day!

It’s been a little while since my last post, but that is only because life has been jam-packed with events in the last few weeks. Day 90 was celebrated on a visa run in Nicaragua, which I hope to post about shortly. However, yesterday was a milestone – 100 days. 100 days survived, 100 days living, working, and all around “being” in this wild experience. I’ve learned some important lessons, made discoveries about myself, shocked myself by becoming comfortable with some things, still working on adjusting to others. But all in all this adventure has been just as wild and life changing as I hoped it would be. So, in honor of celebrating 100 days, I decided to create a list of 100 cool creatures I’ve seen, stuff I’ve tried, things I’ve learned, and fun/ “character building” experiences I’ve had during my time here. It’s not comprehensive, but rather a quick overview, and I will elaborate more soon on the Nicaragua adventures. But for now happy hundredth day! After all, this weeks marks the 100 day point into 2017 – what have you been up to?


100 Experiences in my first 100 Days 

  1. Traveled to Central America for the first time
  2. Currently sleeping on a top bunk
  3. Literally skipped winter
  4. Tried squeaky cheese
  5. Been stung by more wasps than in my entire 25 years of life
  6. Being surrounded by more capuchins on a daily basis than by actual people
  7. Visited an active volcano
  8. Bitten by acacia ants
  9. Experienced the transition between dry and wet seasons
  10. Saw howler monkeys for the first time
  11. Saw spider monkeys for the first time
  12. Heard a deer alarm call (surprisingly, I’d never heard this before)
  13. Spent an hour or more alone in a forest
  14. Hiked alone in the forest after dark
  15. Navigated home in the dark, alone, in the forest with only an Iphone light
  16. Live/work with researchers from Costa Rica, Canada, England, and the US
  17. Experienced being caught in the middle of an IGE (monkey fight)
  18. Visited Potrero
  19. Saw agoutis for the first time
  20. Learned about bats from a visiting bat researcher
  21. Conversed with someone in Spanish outside of a classroom
  22. Lost the monkeys
  23. Found the monkeys
  24. Lost the monkeys, then refound the monkeys on my own
  25. Can successfully identify every adult female capuchin in 3 study groups
  26. Made/ tried fried plantains
  27. Tried condensed milk cake
  28. Tried Yucca bread
  29. Swam in the Pacific 
  30. Visited Playa Naranjo
  31. Saw coatis for the first time
  32. Saw anteaters for the first time
  33. Had gallo pinto
  34. Paid for things with colónes (Costa Rican currency)
  35. Tried natilla (Costa Rican version of sour cream)
  36. Traveled along the Pan American
  37. Shopped in Liberia
  38. Celebrated Casona Day
  39. Helped facilitate conservation education games to school kids
  40. Learned to play Catan
  41. Won Catan
  42. Learned to play flunkyball (German drinking game)
  43. Saw a caracara
  44. Saw a trogon
  45. Saw a magpie
  46. Saw a guan
  47. Tried Costa Rican beer
  48. Tried bplu (code name for a fruit the monkeys eat)
  49. Tried Custard Apple
  50. Crossed the Costa Rican/ Nicaraguan border
  51. Visited San Juan del Sur
  52. Experienced “Sunday Funday”
  53. Learned how to make chocolate
  54. Made chocolate drink as the Mayans would serve it
  55. Made chocolate drink as the Aztecs would serve it
  56. Bought a hammock
  57. Had the best mojitos ever
  58. Paid for things in córdobas (Nicaraguan currency)
  59. Almost stepped on a pit viper
  60. Now share my room with several scorpions
  61. Saw tailless whip scorpions (and now share a bathroom with them)
  62. Saw cane toads for the first time
  63. Saw a sea snake while swimming in the ocean
  64. Visited the Rincón hot springs
  65. Ate fresh seafood in Cuajiniquil
  66. Laid out on playa Junquillal
  67. Grocery shopped in La Cruz
  68. Sailed on a Catamaran cruise
  69. Watched the sunset over the Pacific
  70. Saw a baby spider monkey
  71. Saw a baby howler monkey
  72. Snorkeled in the Pacific
  73. Saw a manta ray
  74. Attempted karaoke
  75. Read 10 new books
  76. Scraped by bromeliad leaves
  77. Sipped catnip tea
  78. Tried fried Yucca
  79. Bounced around in a car on camino Naranjo
  80. Crossed a crocodile swamp in a car on camino Naranjo
  81. Saw ctenosaurs for the first time
  82. Saw boa constrictors in the wild
  83. Burned by a burn vine
  84. Learned several new Spanish words and phrases
  85. Smelled carrion flowers for the first time
  86. Experienced hiking alone in a forest at 4am
  87. Learned to operate a GPS
  88. Can now navigate parts of the forest without a GPS
  89. Tried (and had too many) chiliguaro shots
  90. Learned and made a habit of practicing meditation
  91. Learned a new operating system for tracking and recording primate data
  92. Saw grey-necked wood rails
  93. Saw morpho butterflies
  94. Learned how to wear snake guards
  95. Experienced working in 100 degree (F) weather
  96. Can accurately identify several fruit and plant species in the forest
  97. Share a house with dozens of reptiles, amphibians, and insects
  98. Visited the Mirador and took in Santa Rosa park views
  99. Shared sunsets and life chats at the Casona with my roomies
  100. Lastly, learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable                                   (slowly, but surely)
100th day sunset – buried deep in the forest, alone, and totally ok with it.

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